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We believe teachers deserve their own product. is a place for teachers to organize their classes and share with students using myHomework

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Class Details

Teachers can quickly share their class information on

Students can easily join their class in myHomework to automatically get information the teacher shares synced to their planner.


Teachers can upload or enter their syllabus in

Students can easily access the syllabus even if they don’t have an internet connection.


Teachers enter assignments, tests and lessons on and each student's planner is automatically updated!

Attachments & Resources

Teachers can share files and links with their students. This makes it very easy for students to find the files and information they need for each assignment!


Teachers can make announcements to their classes and myHomework will notifiy each student.

Contact Information

Teachers can share their contact information to make it easy for parents and students to reach them at the right place and time.

Teacher Profile

Teachers can share information what schools they attended, articles and books they’ve published, awards they’ve received and more.

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